Gloucester County EMS

EMT Training Academy

Providing excellent emergency medical and emergency response education that ensures all students become well prepared to serve the public safely and effectively.

Initial EMT Education

The Gloucester County EMS EMT Training Academy has developed a new standard of EMS education that will not only provide both New Jersey Licensure and National Registry EMT certifications, but will also provide real-life EMS experience on busy, career, ambulances through an extensive internship and residency program. 

About Gloucester County EMS EMT Training Academy

Our initial education program consists of over 500 hours of combined didactic and clinical education.  This model of EMS Education gives the student not only the knowledge required for National Certification and New Jersey Licensure, but also the practical skills required to begin a rewarding career in the Emergency Medical Services.  Classroom sessions meet one day per week, 8am-5pm.  Attendance at every classroom session is mandatory.  Clinical sessions are 12-hour shifts, once per week, beginning in January.  Clinical sessions are scheduled based off the student's availability.